Bunny Kicker Overview


One page access to all parameters!
From producers for producers.
Kick synth inspired by the legendary 808 design.
Sample player for easy import and manipulation of your own or stock sounds.
Noise synth based on the mighty noise section of HALion 6.
Magic effects section providing result oriented one knob effects for tightness, space and distortion.
30 creative presets to get you started.

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Audio Examples:

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Perfection Through Imperfection!

HALion is a precise tool, allowing creators detailed and precise control about any detail of their sound. But sometimes, all you want is quick results with a certain grain of character. This character is achieved through imperfection.
Bunny Kickers synth engine will not fire a straight sine wave, It has irregularities such as noise and analogue circuit emulating instabilities.

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