The TekkZoo BunnyKicker Story

The TekkZoo BunnyKicker Story

Nothing has been shaping modern music more then the kick. These days it might have even more impact (pun intended) then the electric guitar. It is a story of expectations and inventions. A kick synth alone can drive a dancefloor. The kind of kick you choose can determine the style of your music. Be it deep bass Trap, lush pulsing house, the distorted madness of hardcore tekkno and hardstyle or the heavy impact layered under a jungle break. It is safe to say, that today, kicks can make or break your track.

The importance of the kick in our own productions led us to reimagine how we want to interact with this driving force. We had questions, and where hungry for answers. Questions such as:

“How can an instrument be inspiring?”

“How can an instrument be fun?”

“How can an Instrument be more then a preset library?”

“How can an instrument keep you focused on what you wanted?”

“How can I reduce the amount of tracks needed to design my kick?”

“How can I avoid switching between multiple plug-in windows? When I think impact, I want the tool for impact”

“What do I need for a good kick?”

“Why can my kick not be the bassline?”

“can the kick be melodic?”

“How can I combine synths and samples in the most simple and efficient way?”

“what signal processing do I need for a tight, heavy impact?”

“how can I animate the sound in the most spectacular way?”

“how can I keep my sound flexible?”

“how can I fill up space in mix while staying tight at the same time?”

“What is the minimum set of parameters I need for maximum flexibility?”

“how can I access sounds fast while beeing able to give them my own character?”

“is there a way to play short notes and long notes?”

“How can I balance hi end and low end?”

This way, the TekkZoo Bunnykicker became more then just a synth or just a sampler. It became a chromatic drum instrument. Sure, it can do kicks. Sure, it is not a full fledged synthesiser. The TekkZoo BunnyKicker is a path to your result surrounded by spectacular scenery. This allows you to realise ideas quickly or turn simple intentions into big ideas. We caught ourselves wanting a simple kick to build a track around it. Then, thanks to the BunnyKicker, the kick became the track. BunnyKicker is kickism to the fullest.

Get your kicks too from the BunnyKicker by TekkZoo.

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